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Trust Deed Seminar



BY Greg Whittaker


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This video workshop is for new investors who want to learn powerful real estate buying and selling techniques. Property owners who want to learn powerful exit strategies. Investors in seller financed real estate notes. Note Buyers and brokers who want to acquire skills to purchase notes for maximum yields and minimum risks. Note holders who want to discover safe and prosperous ways of selling their notes. Note sellers & buyers who want to command the knowledge of how NOT to get ripped off. Real estate professionals who want to learn legal and safe seller financing techniques that will increase your commissions. This video will show you how you can use notes yourself and encourage property owners to consider seller financing. You will be shown the basics of how to create a good saleable note as well as suggested property sale and note structures. Find out step-by-step what it takes and how it’s done. Learn the good, the bad and the ugly.

Important Basics Every Investor Should Know

  • What is a Note
  • How do you fill it out
  • How do you write the terms of a note
  • How do you properly Secure a note to make sure you get paid each and every time
  • Why Everybody should know the foreclosure process and how it works
  • How to tell a well secured note from one that is not so well secures
  • What’s the difference between a soft note and a hard note
  • Become aware of different scams in the note profession

Confidence Concentration & Courage

  • Psychology of Discounting paper
  • Why do people give such big discounts on their bank accounts
  • How to do the paperwork correctly in note transactions
  • Discover how to find, buy and broker real estate notes
  • How to get the resources to discount paper without using your own cash
  • What questions do you ask the sellers of discounted paper to find out whether you want to buy the paper or not.
  • How do you analyze the paper so you work with only the very best
  • Paper analysis worksheet
  • Paper Offer worksheet
  • Real Estate Bubbles
  • Investing in notes and property in a changing market


  • How to present your offer
  • How to get your offer accepted
  • Learn about negotiating
  • Negotiation strategies for buying and selling notes and property
  • How to sell or buy the back end of a note
  • Tricks of the trade to increasing yields
  • Advance techniques for buying notes and real estate


  • What is an Installment Note
  • Maximizing your IRA for tax free profits from notes and Real Estate
  • Buy a plane for free (or pretty close to it)

Big League Paper Techniques & Formula’s

  • Formulas that make you win every time
  • How to win when you are a property buyer, seller, owner or investor
  • How to buy it wholesale and keep the change
  • Double Deep Discounts
  • Note Purchase Rollovers
  • Down Payment Money Magnifier
  • Turning a sour note into an instant hit
  • Buy a house for a 25% discount
  • Free Toys
  • Cash Back Trading
  • Buying property without any money down and the seller still gets cash
  • How to bust other people’s Balloon Payments
  • How Borrowers can save thousands of dollars 
  • How lenders can maximize their gains
  • Note clauses for built in Extensions to balloon (A must for buying property)
  • Clauses to have and Clauses to avoid in your notes

Winning with Math

  • Your Number ONE key to success
  • HP 12 Pocket Financial Calculator
  • Learn all types of financial calculations
  • Analyzing your notes and cash flows 
  • Real Life Problems
  • How to get the right answers every time
  • Focusing in on real profits
  • How to determine the balance of a note and amount of a balloon

Super Success Team

  • Master Control
  • Building your expert financial team
  • Getting your team to find you notes
  • Doing the detective work
  • Escrowing your transaction
  • Learn about the detailed backup paperwork like the property owners offset statement

Real Estate Law

  • Dodd Frank & Seller Financing
  • Acting as a Private Party
  • Seller Financing Exemptions
  • Threshold requirements
  • When to use a broker
  • Balloons
  • Ability to Repay
  • Real Life Bankruptcy pitfalls & creative solutions for note investors
  • Turning distress into success