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Refinance Rate & Term

The rate and term refinance as a process changes either or both the rate of interest of an existing mortgage, minus any advancing new money. Basically, it involves the replacement of a pre-existing mortgage with a new home loan. This process is also called a no cash-out refinance. A drop in market interest rates fundamentally drives the refinance rate and term. The most significant advantage of a rate & term refinance is the security of a lower interest rate and a more desirable term on the mortgage. Here, the principal balance remains precisely the same. This way, it can lower your monthly payments or even set a fresh schedule to pay off the mortgage speedily. Whittaker Gregory Burton makes sure you make the most out of these benefits, by taking out a rate and term refinance. Finding cheaper interest rates for you is what the platform is known for. Whittaker Gregory Burton walks with you on every baby step to land you in the best refinance rate and term possible. From applications to the closure of the deal, Whittaker Gregory Burton makes sure you are ready for every process. Whittaker Gregory Burton knows when you should be opting to refinance, and thus guides you to the right path.