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Cash-Out Refinancing

A cash-out refinance refers to a type of mortgage refinancing option in which the existing loan amount is lower than the new mortgage amount. This is to turn home equity into cash.

Basically, the new mortgage is larger than your previous mortgage balance, and you get the difference amount in cash. There are plenty of benefits of a cash-out refinance that you must consider. First things first, you get lower interest rates here. In comparison to a home equity line of credit, you get a lower interest rate in a cash-out refinance. Next, you can make use of the money from cash-out refinance to cover high-interest credit cards. This, in turn, also builds your credit score by decreasing your credit utilization ratio.

Whittaker Gregory Burton makes sure you not only make the most of these benefits but also makes your path to these pros easier. Opting for a cash-out refinancing can be overwhelming, and thus Whittaker Gregory Burton sets everything straight for you. From determining your eligibility to closing your deal, Whittaker Gregory Burton makes sure every step is hassle-free, convenient, and transparent. Minimizing complications and breaking them down into simple, doable steps is Whitaker Gregory Burton is famous for.