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Why Robo Advisors Can not Beat A Human Advisor

Technology is seeing the best of its time. But hey, are you confused about where to invest? Download a Robo advisor on your smartphone, and it will show you the correct path. However, can machines ever replace humans, especially in significant human life decisions? Humans work on both intellect and emotions, while machines and robots work on data. The situation of one person is never precisely the same as the situation of the other.

As far as investments are concerned, Robo advisors are good but cannot beat human advisors. Firstly, machine advisors aren’t 100% personalized. During every investment, you not only spend money, but you also invest your emotions. A human advisor understands your feelings and fears and thus gives the best solution according to your needs.

Secondly, if you are somebody who does not like chatting and trust words only when spoken face to face, you better consult a human advisor for investment. Human advisors build trustworthy relationships with their clients, which no Robo advisor can ever create with a human.

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