Dow Dumps As ‘Dead-Bat-Bounce’ Dies, 30Y Yield Tumbles Near 1 Handle

by Tyler DurdenFri, 01/31/2020

It would appear, once again, that the stunning ignorance of the machines in believing ‘this’ is over has been proven wrong by the reality on the ground and in bond markets…

The Dow is down over 300 points (would be more if IBM wasn’t helping), erasing the constant BTFD ‘Dead-Bat-Bounce’ ramps we have seen this week…

And 30Y Yields are testing a 1 handle for the first time since October

Source: Bloomberg

Yuan also dumped, erasing yesterday’s spike…

Source: Bloomberg

So what will be the idiotic catalyst for a ramp today into the close to keep The Dow green for 2019?

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